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Project Description
MIDI Rerouter is a simple tool designed to transform and remap MIDI signals in realtime. With an intuitive user interface, this will be an easy program to add to your collection.

Here are a few of the exciting applications of MIDI Rerouter:
  • Use a sustain pedal to trigger a kick drum
  • Use the pitch wheel to change a different MIDI Control
  • Duplicate MIDI Note signals, transposing one signal to create harmony
  • Play specific notes when MIDI Program Change signals are sent
  • Generate MIDI Control signals by pressing a piano key, using Note Velocity to specify the Control value

In order to get the data flowing all the right directions, only three steps are necessary:
  1. Set up your MIDI devices*
  2. Select a MIDI input device and a MIDI output device from the list
  3. Create your Routes

Note that:
  • If a MIDI signal does not match a Route you add, that signal will be passed on unaltered.
  • If a MIDI signal is taken in by two or more Routes, it will be sent along all of those Routes.
  • MIDI Rerouter requires two MIDI devices: one for input, and one for output. If you want to send your MIDI signals directly on to a editing program (e.g. Pro Tools), you will need a Virtual MIDI Port. I recommend Tobias Erichsen's free LoopMIDI program, available here:
  • If you have more than one Virtual MIDI Ports available, you can string together multiple instances of MIDI Rerouter!

* See notes above concerning Virtual MIDI Ports


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