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Adding a New Route

The Route is the central "object" of MIDI Rerouter. Click New Route from the Routing tab of the main window to open the RouteForm, a popup form for creating a new Route.

Input and Output

The Input side presents a sort of query. The program will pick out those MIDI signals which meet all of the settings. If any fields are set to "All," the program will not filter out signals based on that field.

The Output side contains settings for the final, transformed signal. A MIDI signal which matches the Input settings will be remodelled to the settings of the Output panel. Where an Output field is set to "All," the MIDI signal will retain the original value for that field.

At the bottom are two Advanced Options. The "Switch Program and Value data" option is somewhat self explanatory. When checked, the program will translate the Program data from an incoming MIDI signal which matches the Input settings to Value data for the outgoing signal. The Value data of the incoming signal is also switched and sent on as Program data. An example of this would be the following Route:

This Route, once added, will take in all Note On signals and send them out as Control Change signals. Because the Switch box is checked, the Output Value box specified that the incoming signals will be sent as changes in Control 7, the value of which is determined by which note is being placed. In effect, the entire piano will be transformed into a CC 7 controller once this route is in place.

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